LIVE: Canterbury Christmas Lights

As Christmas approaches we are starting to see more and more Christmas events popping up.

The one event that some people use to signify the start of Christmas, the turning on of the Christmas lights, is happening tonight.

Our reporter, Ethan Howe, will be reporting live from the event on what you can expect to find.


As you near the town center you can hear the music coming from the stage that will host the turning on of the lights.


The first song we can hear as we get closer to the stage is Bruno Mars. Not the festive music we were expecting, but hopefully it kicks in soon.


After pushing our way through the crowd, we make it to a good spot to see the stage. It’s not near the front because it seemed like a mosh pit there, but we can see it all clear enough.


The Christmas songs have begun!


The presenters of the show are both from Heart.


They’ve begun saying the lights will be turned on soon. Someone in the crowd told us it will be around quarter to.


So far the music has not been very Christmassy, but the cold weather is making up for it.


Another Christmas song plays and the crowd has all begun singing along, if I wasn’t feeling Christmassy before, I definitely am now.


After plenty of songs it seems that we are finally ramping up to the actual turning on of the lights.

The actors from Dick Whittington have taken to the stage to help turn the lights on.

A woman is now talking on stage but sadly we don’t know who she is because she isn’t keeping the mic close to her mouth…


The Christmas lights are on! (or at least some of them are, as you look down the high street it seems most lights are still off!)

Finally, it feels like Christmas is actually here, although now the crowd is starting to disperse already and not many people want to stay for long.


As more songs play most people are taking this opportunity to leave and head home, since the crowd is so large.

Overall, I’d say this liveblog can’t do justice to the event. It may have been cramped and cold, but it was definitely full of Christmas spirit!


A quick addition to the post, after having a quick dinner down the high street, we left and it would appear all the lights are now on and functioning!

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