Hate Crime Hubs open across Medway

Hate crime community hubs have opened up across the Medway Towns this week

The volunteer based hubs have opened as a new council initiative, allowing people to speak freely about hate crimes in a confidential environment.

The locations of the hubs include; The Nucleus Arts Centre, Chatham and Rochester, The Aztec Day services building, Medway City Estate and The Royal Mencap society, Chatham.

The hubs also offer a mobile phone service where people can report hate crime without physically going to the hub.

Kent Messenger spoke to Rachel Harris of Medway’s community safety unit who said “While we would like everyone in the community to feel able to report hate crimes directly to us we do understand there are people who do not feel comfortable talking to the police directly.”

”This new initiative will give those people the confidence to report these incidents knowing that they will be passed on and investigated fully.

“The volunteers within these new hubs have specialist skills and knowledge and will be able to act as a connection between communities and the police so I fully welcome this new initiative.

“I would encourage anyone who wishes to discuss hate crimes to have the confidence to report these incidents either by contacting us directly or using one of our new reporting hubs.”

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