Easy ways to deal with stress in school

Many students in school experience a variety of emotions whilst completing their studies. James Townsend who is currently a maths teacher at Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School for Boys says ‘ We offer many many facilities for students to take part in such as clubs and organisations. We take care of our students and feel as though we should guide them through their studies and help them when it comes to sitting their exams.’


Social clubs and Organisations 

Joining clubs after school will help you massively as it will give you a solid group to rely on and will offer you advice. The distraction of joining clubs that contain your hobbies will make you feel a lot more relaxed and give you a great distraction when you are stressed and worried. Career advisor at Rainham School for Girls, Carline Davies says ‘ I deal with so many students when it comes to the exam period and always tell them a distraction from stress is always joining after school clubs, because just one session a week after school can make all the difference when it comes to their confidence. It also puts them in a great routine and offers them a break.’


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Lower your goals 

This doesn’t mean set out to fail, it just means instead of setting your goal to be getting the highest level in the class, set a goal to feel satisfied with your performance and then you will never feel knocked down. Giving yourself a goal you an easily reach will be a lot more satisfactory as you know you have reached the goal.





Get organised

No one can focus when they look on their desk and see they have piles of homework to do, if you use your time and do your work in bits and bobs you will feel more relaxed because you never have piles of work to do. Stop the pile from getting bigger whilst you can!   Bradley Edwards studies Software Applications Development at University. He says “he used apps and organisations on his devices to be more organised,” and he realised this helped as everything was in one place and was easy to access.


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