Labour MP speaks at Gravesend fundraiser

The Labour MP for Enfield, Southgate Bambos Charalambous attended a fundraiser last night in Gravesend to support the Gravesham Labour Party.

Bambos Charalambous, stepped in for Emma Hardy who was originally said to be attending, but was unfortunately unable to make it due to illness.

The Labour MP told stories of his path to becoming an MP, and answered a few questions people had as well.

The fundraiser held at the Reliance Fish Restaurant in Gravesend managed to raise just under £250, which the Gravesham Labour Party feel will go a long way.

Steve Thompson, the Gravesham Labour Councillor in charge of the event said, “The money will go towards funding the printing of leaflets to be delivered to Gravesham residents.

“As Political Parties receive no state funding it is important that we raise as much as possible to allow us to get our message to the electorate.”

Gravesham is currently a Conservative held constituency. Meaning that any way the Party can held spread the its message could be key in changing that.

Jack Kamenou, owner of the award winning Reliance Fish Restaurant said, “I enjoy hosting these kinds of events because I enjoy politics.

“I just find it to be really interesting, and these types of events help me to learn more and more about the subject.”

This is not the first event Gravesham Labour have held, with them hosting a range of events such as quiz’s and barbecue’s to raise money for the party.

If you are interested in supporting the Gravesham Labour Party, the next event is on January 2nd and can be found on the Gravesham Labour Facebook page.

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