Pill vs. Depression.. Everything you need to know about your contraception.

Firstly- what is the pill?

The pill is a popular form of contraception that we’re all familiar with, but how safe is it?

There are two main types of the pill- the combined and progestogen only.

Both aim to prevent pregnancy but do so in different ways.

You will need to visit a nurse or doctor beforehand to discuss the best option for you as there can be health risks with each.

When taken correctly, the NHS claim the pill is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.

What are Doctors saying?

Researchers in Denmark looked into the link between the pill and depression.

The research was completed at the University of Copenhagen.

They aimed to discover whether the use of hormonal contraception is associated with a future of depression.

It was published that females who took the pill were 23% more likely to use antidepressants than non-users.

This worrying statistic may change peoples mind over the pill, but the NHS point out on their website that there is no proof that the pill is causing the depression and that further research is needed.



Jean Charlton a nurse from Rochester said, “Unfortunately there are side effects with most medications.

We discuss all options in an appointment before hand and find what the best choice is.

There is no evidence that the pill is directly linked to depression and there is a lot of research needed on this, but at the moment girls should feel comfortable taking the pill.

Everybody is different and everyone reacts in different ways.”



You are not alone!





What should you do?

Even though there are risks there is definitely more research needed before we completely ditch the pill.

Brighton University student Safia Saumtally, 20, spoke about her experience on the pill.

“I was on the pill for nearly 2 years now and there were loads of pretty bad side effects.

I suffered from headaches and constant mood swings which eventually got too much.

I also put on a lot of weight. Eventually I gave up with the pill and went on the implant instead.

I was an emotional wreck on the pill and could never go on it again.

I’d strongly recommend other girls looking into their choices before beginning the pill.”



Whatever you choose to do, make sure you do your research and talk to your local nurse for your best option!

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