Rodents run riot in student house

Three Canterbury students were disgusted to find their newly rented house was infested with mice.

Abby Lunn and her two housemates, all studying at Canterbury Christ Church University, realised just days after moving in that they were not the only residents.

This is just one of many.


Miss Lunn started hearing scratching noises and woke up one night to a mouse in her room.

She said “It only got worse from there, we started finding droppings around the house, had to block the corners of our bedrooms so they couldn’t get up through the carpet, we were going to bed early to avoid being downstairs with the mice – anything after 8pm and 2 or sometimes 3 mice would appear and run around the living room”

They immediately contacted their landlord but got exterminators in when he refused to help.

Droppings were found around the house.

Miss Lunn said they were all put under a great amount of stress which they didn’t expect to encounter in their first week of their second year. “It got to the point where I was genuinely considering going home”.

A neighbour of Miss Lunn’s, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims the mice came from the food shop attached to the row of houses he said: “the owner of the shop came and spoke to me and told me that he was gutting his walls and windows and to expect mice over the next few days…I think it’s disgusting, why should I have rodents running round in my house because they can’t keep their shop clean?”

The Canterbury Hub approached the food shop in question however they refused to comment.

Watch the full interview with Abby Lunn below.


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