Canterbury McDonald’s introduce ‘pay to pee scheme’

Canterbury high street McDonalds are now forcing customers to pay to use the toilet.


The unofficial free toilet provider has introduced a ”pay to pee scheme”, which requires customers to purchase food to be able to access the toilet.

A four-digit code is shown at the bottom of each receipt, which then has to be tapped in to an electronic pin-pad to be able to activate the door to the WC.

McDonalds Canterbury introduce ”pay to pee” scheme.

Mc Customer, Maisie Walker, 19, commented: ”McDonalds is the first place I think of to use the toilet.

”It’s annoying that I now have to purchase something to be able to use it, even if I’m not wanting anything to eat or drink. I mostly use the toilets after a night out or whilst shopping, but I know that some people use it for baby-changing, as well as the homeless use it too. It’s wasting money and time.”

Even baby-changing facilities need a code to access.

Another regular of the fast-food chain took to Twitter to share their frustration.

The Canterbury Hub visited the high street McDonalds and a staff member said: ”The code could possibly change, but for the moment it will stay the same.”

McDonald’s Press Office were contacted but could not make a statement.

Want the code? Here it is: 1006

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