The Rise Of ‘Drunkorexia’

A Canterbury Counsellor has warned that young women are harming their health with dangerous drinking routine ‘Drunkorexia.’

Private Counsellor, David Goodlad has practiced for the past 30 years and states that



“It’s quite often a way of controlling body image and they won’t eat or they’ll binge on alcohol and find themselves in all kinds of problems.”


‘Drunkorexia’ behaviour can affect both men and women but is commonly found in young women.

It has the potential to cause alcohol poisoning and liver damage and Goodlad warns that


“Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach can be very very dangerous.”

Counsellor Office

This warning comes after years of treating young women and a new study stating that many young women are skipping meals in order to save calories for alcohol on a night out.

The study by a PhD student at the University of South Australia shows that 60% of female undergraduates show ‘Drunkorexia’ tendencies.

The results came from her study of 136 students aged 18-25 and showed that the most common ‘Drunkorexia’ behaviours in young female university students were skipping meals before a drinking event (37.5%), consuming low-calorie or sugar-free alcoholic beverages during a drinking event (46.3%), and exercising after a drinking event (51.2%).


 “Although ‘Drunkorexia’ is not a recognised clinical diagnosis it represents a very unhealthy behaviour.

Skipping meals and binge drinking is also dangerous as the alcohol’s nutritional value, in terms of calories, is very low.”

says a spokesperson from Beat Eating Disorder Charity.


Other charities like Drinkaware are also trying to raise awareness of this dangerous drinking behaviour and offer more facts, advice and drink trackers to help calculate the units consumed.









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