Battle Royal games: Explained

With online multiplayer battle royal games becoming more accessible. What are these Battle Royal games? Why are they popular?

What is a Battle Royal Game?

A battle royal game is a sub-genre of action genre video games.

What makes this genre different to other action games? The blend of survival, exploration and scavenging elements of a survival last man standing game makes this sub-genre stand out.

The genre is named after Japanese film Battle Royale (2000).

Battle royal games challenge a large number of player with minimal equipment to search and scavenge for weapons and armour as well as killing opponents.


Console video gamer RagingLlama72 (real name asked to be kept secret) enjoys the genre saying, “it is popular because it allows one person to prove to be the best”

The first battle royal game was a mode on Minecraft in 2012 called Hunger Games (changed to Survival Games) based on the hugely successful book and film series.


The most popular battle royal games is Ark:Survival Evolved, Fortnight and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (which will be released onto console later this month)

The Hunger Games, Walking Dead, Sword Art Online and The 100

It isn’t surprising that such games such as Ark and Fortnight are getting such popularity with such successes as Walking Dead, Sword Art Online and The 100.


All the shows are based on survival, strategy and situation which the battle royal games convert to be accessible to those seeking adventure and wishing to escape.

RagingLlama72 said “The Hunger Games or the 100 is a big inspiration for these games.”

However, gamer Robert Gutteridge says “I wouldn’t say they are inspired by these things.

I think it’s more that we have got to a point (in technology) where there are 100 players in one game like Battlefield. It’s all about the new style of servers where they can take 100 payers in one go.”

What is the appeal of Battle Royal games?

To some people there is a sense of freedom that is lacking in some other genre of games. The variety in choice of armoury and weapons to fit the player’s style of play and situation.


The feeling that no game is the same and no initial advantage unlike Injustice and Overwatch.

Also some player enjoy the sense of reality of game play such as players unable to revive when dead.

What is the future for the Battle Royal games?

With technology ever advancing, how will companies keep up with technology and produce games the audience wants?

Robert Gutteridge said, “It’s split with people. Virtual reality vs consoles like the PS4 (Playstation) and Xbox One.”


RagingLlama72 said, “I think the games are heading towards virtual reality and larger multiplayer arenas.”

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