Here’s what you need to know about this years Costa Coffee menu

For many coffee lovers, the festive period is marked by the release of the Costa Christmas menu. 

Whether you choose to indulge in a spiced-cinnamon latte or feed your inner chocoholic with a Lindt hot chocolate, the menu is sure to have something to cater for your festive taste-buds.

Costa Coffee released their 4th annual Christmas menu a few weeks ago and we tried out the newbies so you didn’t have to.

Although many old products were included on the list, the big newcomer introduced was the ‘Christmas Frostino.’


Costing £3.80 for a regular, the ‘Christmas Frostino’ is offered in two unique flavours; ‘Black-forest’ and our festive favourite ‘Billionaire’s’.

We decided on trying the ‘Black-forest’ flavour to mix things up a bit.

Smothered in a chocolate infused cream, drenched in a tangy cherry sauce and gracefully dusted in red glitter flakes, the drink arrived to our table.

The taste almost replicated a standard chocolate-milkshake, but the cherry sauce added a refreshing twist to the drink.


Although refreshing, the drink became quite sickly very soon and half way through we had to declare mercy.

Despite this, the drink had just the right amount of fruit to chocolate ratio and the black forest flavour immediately reminding me of the traditional mince-pie.

Compared to the other drinks on the menu, including some originals such as the salted-caramel cappuccino ‘The Frostino’ undoubtably stands out from the menu based on its fruity flavour.


If you’re looking for an cooler option this winter then I would recommend trying the Christmas Frostino to get into the Festive spirit.


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