The story of the Christmas Robin

The little robin redbreast. A little bird that symbolises an entire season. But why is the UK’s national bird so closely seen with Christmas?

The Legend of the Robin Redbreast

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‘The Legend of the Robin Redbreast’ is a story from ‘A Christmas Stocking: A Child’s Treasury for the Festive Season’ by Louise Betts Egan in 1988.

It tells the story of the first Christmas with the baby Jesus.

It was a cold night in the stable and the fire was nearly out and the Mother Mary was concerned.

She asked the ox and the donkey to blow on the embers of the fire to keep the baby warm but the animals stayed asleep unable to her Mary.

A plain, brown robin flew into the stall hearing Mary’s pleas.

He flew to the dying fire and flapped his wings breathing life back into the embers.

As the robin added twigs to the fire a flame burst forth and burned the Robin’s breast bright red but the little bird continued to fan the flames until the fire warmed the entire stable.

Mary thanked the robin for everything and said “From now on, let your red breast be a blessed reminder of your noble deed.”

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