Kent Councils To Offer Emergency Accommodation This Weekend

Emergency accommodation is being provided this weekend as temperatures drop below zero for the first time this year.

Medway council are urging rough sleepers to go to Kingsley House today to get them off of the streets.

People should go to Kingsley House before 4:45pm today to get accommodation for the weekend and those unable to make it will be able to call 01634 304400.

The severe Weather Emergency Protocol is carried out when temperatures are expected to be freezing for 3 consecutive days.

In the meantime, the rest of Kent could have major health risks caused by the severe weather forecast.

A level 2 cold weather report was increased to level 3 for the region by Met Office.

Porchlight, a Kent charity organisation supporting homeless and vulnerable people have commented

“Our team go out to look for people so that they can connect them with local support where possible. As temperatures drop, our priority is to bring people in from the cold before their situation becomes life threatening.”

There is a 90% probability of severe cold weather in the region until Tuesday.

This reflects the Met Office forecasts of cold temperatures all day and night. Some snow showers are possible.

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