Will all fashion brands go fur- free?

Gucci finally decide to go Fur free. This month it has been proudly announced that Gucci will go fur-free next year and auction off all its remaining animal fur items, the Italian fashion house’s president and CEO Marco Bizzarri has announced.


Gucci is one of the most well known fashion brands in the world operating a total of 278 directly operated stores. It will become part of the Fur Free Alliance , an international group of more than 40 organisations which campaigns on animal welfare and promotes alternatives to fur in the fashion industry.


CEO of Gucci Marco Bizzarri wants to use the brands popularity for only positive reasons “Gucci is so visible, so well-known – we need to use that in a positive way.” Marco Bizzarri


One organisation being ALIVE- The ALIVE Boutique is an online shop where you can browse through catalogs of vegan, cruelty-free Fashion.


Lucas Windhager- Founder of ALIVE ( A little Vegan Shop) says ‘There seems to be an incredible increase of interest about Gucci going fur-free. Worldwide the number of times people googled  “Gucci going fur free” has increased by 659% this October,when it was announced.” 


Due to  Gucci having such a high audience they have the potential to influence other brands around the world. So, Gucci going Fur free can have a drastic impact.


Lucas Windhager also states ‘ For us at ALIVE Boutique we do believe that this is a step in the right direction, we wish Gucci the best of luck, and truly hope many brands will follow as the benefits are truly astonishing. This is probably the best thing Gucci could’ve done for the Veganism world.’

So we wonder who else will follow the latest trend. 



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