Harry Potter world closes and leaves fans furious

Harry Potter World closes. Kent Dad left furious after being turned away from Harry Potter World due to snow. Wasting his money, time and petrol.




Dad of 3, Simon Hibbin treated his family and spent over £200 on harry potter tickets and was simply told to turn away.

The Harry Potter studios in Watfrod is a very popular tour many families visit each week.  However fans were left utterly disappointed and angry this late weekend with no warning after Harry Potter World closes.

Due to the typical English weather and layered snow this weekend the tour was shut down due to lack of staff, the customers were disgusted  by receiving no communication or closing warnings from the Warner Bros studio.

Simon Hibbin was one of those many unsatisfied customers this weekend.  ‘Me and my family drove from Medway Towns on snowy and icy roads to visit the studios, we looked on the website at 4pm before leaving for the 6:30pm tour, nothing was stated about the studios closing early. We drove over 100 miles and received no communication, we left a mobile number on the booking (which we made 6 months ago) as well as an E-mail. Still, we  drove there full of excitement to be told to turn around and rebook.’


Simon Hibbin Facebook

Not only did Simon experience such awful news many others also filled with anger took a much more drastic approach to make sure there anger was heard. Many went to Twitter to attack the studios with their furious thoughts due to the fact that Harry Potter world closes.



Simon decided to E-mail the studios to see what his options actually were. He sent the E-mail to customer support stating their long journey and anger about not having even a simple phone call.

Later the next day Simon received the following E-mail from Hannah Dobson – Customer services management. ‘I am so sorry to hear of your recent experience, and would like to offer you a variety of options. We would like to offer you rebook tickets which are available for a whole year. On top of this a souvenir gift as well as a free tour guide for your next visit. I hope this suits you, very sorry for the inconvenience.’

The snow was apparently just 4 inches thick. The picture below was taken outside the studios:

Simon stated ‘I took these photos because, as you can see the snow isn’t that bad. I managed to travel 50 miles there so why couldn’t the staff?’

Harry Potter world are willing to refund the tickets and offer gifts to those who didn’t know abut the closure.

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