10 images that will make you want to visit Canterbrury this Christmas

Looking for somewhere new to visit this Christmas? Why not take a trip to Canterbury. The historical town is filled with things for everyone. Whether you want to go shopping or sight-seeing, there is something for everyone. Here are some of our favourite shots of the town!


Deeson’s Restaurant in the town centre.

The town is full of restaurants, tea shops, cafes and many more, which are all lit-up with festive lights.


Fairy lights, leading up to The Precincts, Canterbury.

Take a walk through the medieval streets at night and admire the Christmas lights.


Byron Burgers, Burgate, Canterbury.

The town has many hidden shops and restaurants down the many medieval winding streets. Don’t forget to keep an eye out!


The Precincts, Canterbury.


Cafe Rouge, Longmarket, Canterbury.

Many of the restaurants and shops help to spread the festive joy and decorate their windows and displays with lights and Christmas trees. Dining in Canterbury is the perfect evening out this season.


The Old Butter Market pub.

Visitors can sit outside The Old Butter Market’ which is situated directly opposite the Cathedral entrance. So relax and enjoy the view!


Christmas tree in front of the Cathedral.

Many people visit Canterbury to see the iconic Cathedral. It’s one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England!


The Precincts, Canterbury.


No, not Diagon Alley, it’s The Precincts in Canterbury.


Christmas Lights in town centre.

The Christmas light turn-on event happens every year, which includes an appearance from a celebrity. This is an extremely popular event that happens within the town and many people gather to watch the spectacular display.


View from Chocolate Cafe in the town centre.


So don’t forget to take a trip down to Canterbury this Christmas!

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