British Red Cross wrapping for refugees!

The British Red Cross welcomed volunteers to their centre in Canterbury last night to take part in ‘The Big Wrap’.

Tom Habing, president of the British Red Cross society at University of Kent, lead the event where volunteers wrapped boxes and filled them with gifts for refugees all across the UK.



In the UK alone we have 117,234 refugees and 37,829 asylum seekers.

They were looking to make 4566 ‘Shoebox’ gift packages across the UK with 70 boxes needed in Kent.



The UKC British Red Cross society fundraised around £100 through bucket collecting.



With that money they filled the gift boxes with things like soap, shampoo, scarfs, first aid kit and toys.

They’ve urged the public to donate whatever they can to help the cause, whether it’s shoeboxes, gifts or through donations!



Visit their website to see how you could help.

Watch the full video of the wrap below!

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