Canterbury Ice Rink- ”A Complete Shambles”

Canterbury Ice Rink has been branded a ”complete shambles” by angry resident who forked out £135 for the incomplete attraction.


Kym Amos, family liaison officer, organised for 24 of St. Stephens school children to visit the Ice Rink in Dane John Gardens on Monday.

However, unexpected delays to the opening of the rink, which was expected to open on December 1st,  meant that Kym and her pupils were unable to attend.


Following multiple emails from Kym, the organisers haven’t responded or refunded the £135 that was paid for tickets.

Speaking to Kent online, Kym said “Since then I have had no response from the company about getting our money back. It’s a complete shambles.

The attraction has been set back three times, with  a second opening date for December 9th and then again for December 11th, however the ice rink has still not been opened.


”It was meant to be a treat for the children, who were very disappointed when we had to tell them it wouldn’t be happening,” said Mrs Amos.

Canterbury council have said they have no involvement with the opening of the attraction, apart from allowing the firm ‘Noah and the Shed’ to use the land.


Noah and the Shed have been unable to comment.



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