Kent driving instructor says the new driving test is ‘much easier’ after recent changes

A senior Kent driving instructor feels the driving test has been made ‘much easier’ after recent changes made to the test.

As of December 4th, a variety of changes were made to the practical test. Drivers are now required to complete 20 minutes of independent driving and answer vehicle safety questions while on the move. With changes to the manoeuvres drivers will also need to complete, being introduced.

Peter Clarke, the experienced driving instructor who has been teaching people how to drive for over 20 years said, “I think it’s much easier now than it was before.

“They’ve taken away two of the more difficult manoeuvres, being the corner reverse and having to turn in the road. Replacing them instead with driving in and out of a bay as well as pulling up on the right, reversing for two car lengths and then pulling away which I wouldn’t really class as a manoeuvre. I just think it’s too easy really.”

Not everyone shares this opinion though. Charlie Bates, from Northfleet has taken lessons in preparation for both tests and feels it is much harder now. He said, “I personally feel the test is much more difficult now.

Charlie Bates

“The fact the independent driving section now requires the use of a sat nav is scary to me. I’m not the most confident of drivers, but now not only is the time of the independent driving section doubled but I also have to pay attention to a sat nav. Which I am worried will take my eyes off the road”.

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) who run driving tests and approve instructors, however feel the changes made are important to keep the test up to date with modern technology.

Lesley Young, the DVSA Chief Driving Examiner said, “Making sure the driving test better assesses a driver’s ability to drive safely and independently is part of our strategy to help people stay safe on Britain’s roads.

“It’s vital that the driving test keeps up to date with new vehicle technology and the areas where new drivers face the greatest risk once they’ve passed their test.”

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