Student’s rodent problem worsens

Students face another rodent dilemma after dealing with a mice infestation they’re now fearing a bigger problem – rats.

20 year old student Abby Lunn spoke to the Canterbury Hub about her traumatic experience with moving into a mice infested house only for problems to worsen.

They’re now having to deal with rats ravaging their rubbish and causing more issues for the second year students.

Rats are ravaging their rubbish, happening on a daily basis

Miss Lunn said: “First we had to go through the whole process of getting rid of the mice and now this. Our bathroom downstairs is poorly built so a few flooring bits have come up causing a draught. We can also hear noises which sounds like scuttling, the smell the rats are causing from our garden is coming through the floor in the bathroom, its unbearable.”

She contacted her landlord to try and fix the problem but just like after the mice infestation there was no reply, she said: “I had to email him at least 3 or 4 times for him to actually reply and he just passed me on to his brother who he said would sort out the issue.”

The rats are making a mess and causing an unbearable smell

She told the Canterbury Hub that she would have to clear her garden every day after her rubbish bags were completely torn apart each night, with no where provided to put the bags they had to start keeping them indoors to avoid this happening.

Having to face these problems by themselves without much help is putting a lot of strain on the students, should more be done to help students with landlords who are unwilling to help?

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