And that’s a wrap – The British Red Cross take a stand for refugees

The British Red Cross’ ‘Big Wrap’ came to Canterbury yesterday, with volunteers wrapping presents for refugees across the country.

Wednesday December 14th at  6pm marked the beginning of ‘The Big Wrap’ event in Canterbury.

Tom Habing, President of the ‘British Red Cross on Campus-UKC society , organised the event which was held at the BRC First Aid Training centre on Chantry Lane.

6:05 pm

The event kicks off, with Red Cross volunteers Tom Habing and Ben Weatherburn guiding the event.


Boxes are scattered around the tables which have been Tom says were ‘donated from local high street,

retailers, they were pretty up for getting involved.’


Tom tells us how he collected the money for the event. He said ”We went bucket collecting on the

high street and raised £100 through donations.













6:10 pm

Our volunteers are struggling to wrap up the boxes #Fail

2 down….18 to go!


6:40 pm

The present boxes are starting to rack up! Only a few more to go until we start packing the gifts in…



7:00 pm

All the gifts for the refugees are laid down on the table ready for packing, Tom says “we got

most of the presents from the high street, but there was a list we got sent as a guide for what

to get.”


7:05 pm

The first box is finished! Each box contains a pair of socks, plasters, a hat, gloves, a note pad, a bouncy ball, a bar of soap, makeup wipes, toothbrush and some hair bands.




and that’s a wrap! All 20 boxes are complete, ready to be shipped out to gravesend next Monday and delivered to refugees across Kent.

Speaking to Ellie from the society about the reasons why they set up the event, she said ‘The event was set up to help spread some Christmas cheer to a truly deserving group of people. Through the Wrapping For Refugees project we lovingly prepared gift boxes for refugees and helped spread the word about giving to the community this holiday!”







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