Tom Allen Review: Enjoyable at times.

This year’s Canterbury Festival featured a wide variety of different performers, and being someone who enjoys comedy I got tickets for Tom Allen at Shirley Hall on Halloween night.

I’d seen Tom Allen before on the Channel 4 show ‘8 Out of 10 Cats’ and thought he did well with the limited screen time he received being a guest, so I was excited to see him perform live.

He gathered a large crowd with very few seats left empty, and I enjoyed his engagement with the audience where using quick wit, he created comedy using only information gathered from viewers in the first few rows.

Furthermore, I would say the delivery of a joke is as important as the joke itself. Very often a good piece of comedy can be ruined by poor timing, a lack of emotion or even by over emoting. Tom Allen’s delivery however, was not always to my taste.

There were times throughout the show though, I felt good material went to waste with the comedian being prone to over emoting and bordering on screaming his punch lines. Many members of the crowd did enjoy that, but I personally did not.

The key thing that made me lose interest at times was that I felt some of the jokes were clearly meant for older generations.

Tom Allen frequently used stories from his past about events such as birthday parties to create comedy, however being only 19 I felt I was missing references that would be extremely easy to understand for others.

But as the crowd showed through its laughter, many of those who attended found he and the show to be hilarious.

All in all, I found Tom Allen to be enjoyable at times, however his delivery was not always on point for me and some of the jokes seemed to be aimed at an older audience.

A small part of the performance can be viewed below:

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