Shelters Made For Calais Jungle Refugees

Volunteers have created 500 basha shelters for refugees in the Calais Jungle.

A production line of 15 people was set up in KRAN Refugee Youth Hub in Canterbury on Friday 15 December.

Basha shelters are lightweight waterproof sheets, usually attached to trees with rope or bungee cords.

Dave King, founder of Jungle Canopy, raised funds for resources to make 500 lightweight, waterproof shelters.

The group of volunteers split into teams to make the creation quicker.

Elastic cord was cut up into 75cm lengths before being tied at one end with a peg attached for easy assemble to trees.

Another team then attached the cord to the main body of the shelter before being packed up into an easily carried bag.

“They’re really quick to put up and take down and they lie low so they won’t be easily seen,” Dave King, organiser.

Officials in Calais have confiscated and destroyed refugee’s belongings as well as having torn up tents.

The shelters will provide dry conditions for people living in the Calais Jungle.

Yvonne Rigby, a volunteer said:

“I don’t like the idea of human beings being out in the cold at this time of year, I would hope someone would do it for me.”

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