“If Pubs Don’t Entertain, They Won’t Stay Open” Says Kent Pub Owner

With pubs around the country disappearing, Kent Pub owners are changing how they operate.

Between July and December of 2017, 62 pubs closed in the South East alone according to the latest statistics by the Campaign for Real Ale.


Terry Lee, owner of the Red Lion Pub in Gravesend, said: “Socially, pubs used to be a hub for communities, they’re not anymore. Our entire attitude towards pubs has changed”

If pubs don’t entertain, they won’t stay open.”

Terry says that big franchises like Wetherspoons now have the buying power, so pubs need to offer something more.

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Ian Blackmore, owner of the Jolly Sailor in Canterbury, says the community is what keeps his pub open: “Something more unique to the Jolly is our model where we have become home to many university and local sports teams, arts groups and community groups.”

The Jolly Sailor, picture courtesy of Stephen Craven

“By bending over backwards to help out groups, they appreciate what the jolly does for them and so they come to us without a second thought.”

“Please keep supporting your independent local pubs. Without us the pub offering will become very chain based, corporate and bland.”

Ian says that now that people have less disposable income, that they are now more conscious about where they spend money.


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