Kent Obesity Levels Highest In South East England

Kent had the highest amount of people admitted to hospital because of obesity in the South East in 2017.

The statistics provided by the NHS showed Kent as registering 270 admissions to hospital due to obesity, with 67% of those being female.

All together the South East registered 1,582 admissions to hospital with obesity being the primary reason for the visit last year. The only area that recorded more visits was London with 2,274.

Statistics provided by NHS Digital


Katy Gullu, an NHS nurse from Gravesend said: “I think the main reasons for hospital admissions or attendance are with the obesity there will come other conditions diseases alongside the primary diagnosis of obesity.

“There needs to be more education for patients and children promoting exercise.”

These figures are a disproportionate representation of obesity levels in the South East though, as Kent has the largest population in the area.

Gemma Smith from Kent County Council said: “You need to consider the population size of Kent compared to the rest of those South East local authorities.

“If you compare like with like and use the per 100,000 figure then Kent is the same as the South East average and considerably lower than some other local authority areas including Medway.”

Statistics Provided by NHS Digital

As the graph above shows, there are multiple places in South East England with more people being admitted to hospital due to obesity based on the population size of the area. Portsmouth registered over double the average in the South East with 38 people being admitted per 100,000.

Kent Council is also trying to reduce the number of people with obesity through ‘OneYouKent‘, a campaign that aims to help people take control of their health.

The Kent Director of Public Health, Andrew Scott-Clark said: “Obesity and smoking have been identified as priorities across the county and One You Kent aims to tackle these health issues locally.

“One You Kent allows us to work together as service providers and get into the heart of the community, offering support so that people can make small changes to their lifestyle now which can have a really big improvement on your future health.”

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