Man stabbed at house party in Pretoria Road in Canterbury

A man was stabbed at a house party in Canterbury leaving residents fearful that London’s recent wave of violence has sparked similar brutal behaviour on our doorstep.

The incident occurred at a packed out house party on March 24 where proceedings soon got out of hand after an alleged fight transpired between two men.

A witness who attended the party – but did not want to be named –  said ‘drill music’ was being played throughout the night, they believed the violent nature of the music encouraged the aggressive behaviour.

At 2.52am Kent Police were called out to an address in Pretoria Road, Canterbury after a report of an assault.

A man in his 20s was treated at the scene and required stitches.

James Gibbs, 19, is a resident on Pretoria Road “The police came to my house that night and told me there’d been a stabbing down the road… I was so shocked that something like that happened where I live and it scared me, especially after everything that’s been happening in London you just don’t think it would happen here.”

Kent Police said: “Enquiries into the circumstances behind the incident and how the man came to suffer the injury are ongoing.”

There has been speculation over whether the rise in the popularity of ‘drill music’ has encouraged violent behaviour in its listeners and is said to have been partly to blame in the recent outbreak of violent knife crime in London.

With stabbings in London at the highest level they’ve been in six years could this be a beginning of a new violent crime wave in Canterbury.


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