Explained: Ways To Improve Your Health In Kent

Last year Kent registered the most hospital admissions in the South East of England because of obesity with 270.

This is an increase of 5% from 2016 in which 257 people were in hospital because of obesity.

Clearly there is something that needs to be done, but what resources are available to help those in Kent improve their health?

Statistics provided by NHS Digital

Fitness Boot Camps 

There are a variety of fitness boot camps in and around Kent. Fitness boot camps are typically a group based training program conducted by professionals ranging from personal trainers, all the way to former military personnel at times.

They are often incredibly intense, meaning that they may not be for everyone. However, if you are cut out for a boot camp then you can yield great results through the vigorous exercises.

Not only do boot camps help with losing weight through the exercises, but they can also help improve your health in various different ways.

Dan Tiley, a trained personal trainer and founder of ‘KentBootCamps’ said: “We help customers with their weight management through teaching simple dietary rules and teaching fundamental lifestyle principles such as sleep, hydration, breathing, movement and relaxtion.

“As well as managing stress levels and building a social community, which people need.”


‘One You Kent’

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of support when trying to improve your health. ‘One You Kent’ is a Public Health campaign in Kent that offers a wide range of support and help to anyone who may need it.

Not only does this campaign aim to help combat obesity and help people lose weight, but it is also there to help anyone with other health problems they may be facing, including support for those who may be trying to stop smoking.

Gemma Smith from Kent County Council said: ” One You is Public Health England’s national campaign which aims to encourage adults to take control of their health by making small lifestyle changes which have health benefits now and in later life. 

“One You Kent supports this by providing residents across the county with support and advice on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. Available services include: stop smoking support, healthy weight advice for adults and children, on-the-spot blood pressure checks, a weigh-in service plus support and advice on a range of lifestyle issues.”



If dieting is more of your style for whatever reason then you could always try Weightwatchers. They are most well known for their diets that help members lose different amounts of weight depending on the pace they wish to go at.

Weightwatchers also hold various groups in Kent, meaning that by joining and going to these meetings you can establish friendships with other people looking to lose weight, and help to support one another.

You can also try their new programme ‘Weightwatchers flex’, a new dieting programme meant to help someone lose weight on their own terms.

The website states: “Our new programme is so flexible and makes deciding what to eat easy.

“It encourages you to enjoy food with freedom, find what moves you physically, and gives you the skills to shift your mindset.”


Gung-Ho! Kent

If you’re looking for a more fun way to try and lose weight then Gung-Ho! may just be the answer when it comes to Kent on July 7th. Gung-Ho!, is an inflatable 5k obstacle course that travels around the UK. With it coming to Brands Hatch in just over a month.


Tickets start from £30 and the course requires no particular fitness level, with anyone welcome to participate and go at their own pace. Therefore it could be a great way for anyone to lose weight, and enjoy a good day out at the same time.

Michaela Haynes from Gung-Ho! said: “Its not as physical as tough mudder for instance, its more incorporating fitness with fun which I think is another reason why it works so well as almost everyone can do it.

“it’s a fun way of getting people active at times where they may feel bored by fitness.”

Credit: Gung-Ho!

Anyone should have the freedom to live the lifestyle they want to.

However, if you are in looking to improve your health in any way at all, there are a range of different activities and plans available throughout Kent to help anyone improve their health in whatever way they wish.

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