Public Reacts to Proposed Disability Emojis

People are divided over the proposed disability emojis. Is it inspiring or insulting?

Unicode Consortium has revealed in March 2018 that technology company Apple has summited a proposal to have new ‘accessibility emojis’.

Among the possible new emojis are a guide dog, prosthetic limb, as well as different types of wheelchairs.

The response to the announcement has been mostly positive with many positive tweets surrounding the announcement.

Canterbury Christ Church University Student, Anna Woodfield, said, “As someone who is disabled I think the emoji are going to be good for people who want to express how they are feeling with regards to disability.

“But Apple need to be careful that people don’t use the emojis to make fun or joke around.”

Invisible Disabilities

Parkour coach, Jack Maton, said, “I think they’re pretty cool. It shows that Apple is recognising disabled people as their customers. I’m sure they could have done it in a more meaningful way, but the thought and sentiment are still there.”

However, some people disagree with the potential of disability emojis for reasons such as; it would mock people with disabilities and some people with disabilities don’t want to be reminded about their disability

Disability Claimants

The decision to have disability emojis isn’t final. If the proposal is approved, these characters would be shortlisted for potential inclusion in Emoji 12.0 which comes out in the first half of 2019.

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