How The Women Of Tunbridge Wells Are Preventing Sexism

It has been 45 years since the Equal Pay Act we still have such huge discrepancies between what women workers earn compared to men workers. Women are still coming together to fight against this and stand up for themselves.

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Women’s Equality party a social party who are an all female group located in Tunbridge Wells are trying their best to solve issues women face in their life. The group are available via E-mail and the website below.

Dr Amanda J Turner

Head of Communications of the party (WEPTWells) talks about the objectives more in-depth to give a better insight. ‘We believe in building a caring economy that invests, for example, in carer’s and childcare. This country has the most expensive childcare in the world .

‘Therefore that after having a baby women find it difficult to return to work, their careers suffer and there are fewer women in senior positions.’


The group have 7 key objectives that focus on bringing about women’s equality and equal representation:

7 objectives:
1.  Equal Pay & Opportunity
2. Equal Representation in Parliament and on Executive Boards of Businesses
3. Equal Education
4. Equal Parenting and Care giving
5. Equal Representation in the Media
6. Equal Healthcare
7. Ending Violence Against Women.


Dr Amanda J Turner  says ‘We’d like to invest in equal paternity and maternity leave on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis, so that families have a real choice about who takes time off.  Firstly, maternity and paternity leave is not financially equal, so this obviously makes it less appealing for families to opt for the men to take time off and that needs to be rectified.’

Supporting this idea will give women workers more of a chance to boost their career and gain higher positions and have a fair chance compared to the men workers within the company. 



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The women’s Equality Party strive against the gender pay gap Dr Amanda J Turner says ‘ We’d like more transparency and detail about the pay gap reporting than is actually required.

Not only do women workers suffer because of the extortionate cost of childcare and unequal maternity and paternity leave women often face multiple inequalities that are currently broken down or required in gender Pay Gap reporting.’

She believes that it is discriminating against women completely not only because they are women but based on ‘Figures showing that women of different ethnicities, older women and disabled women experience an even wider gender gap.’
‘We are calling for the detail provided by companies to be even more forensic if we are ever to get to the bottom of how women are truly discriminated against.’
If you would like to contact Dr Amanda J Turner E-mail at  


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