5 Ways To Make It As A Woman In Music

In recent years, there has been a huge focus on the equality of women across the UK. It is known to many that there is a huge gender divide in opportunity and payment in the film industry, however it has now been made apparent that this divide spreads to the music industry as well. The music industry has a 70% Male to 30% female ratio, women are receiving lower pay and less opportunity than males in the profession. These statistics shine light on the fact that it is harder as a woman to get yourself noticed and be taken seriously for your music.


We have put together 5 pieces of advice to help you make it as a female in the music industry;

1. Network

In every profession, it is regularly said that ‘It is not what you know, it is who you know’ and this industry is a prime example for that. Daniëlle Tention of ‘Females in Music UK’ comments ‘Network, Network, Network! That is the best piece of advice I can give, make sure you gather contacts, speak to people and promote what you do, otherwise no one will know about you and you won’t get anywhere! If you meet someone that could be a good contact to have then go for it, you never know what’s around the corner.’

2. Join A Club

There are many clubs out there who’s main purpose is supporting females in the music industry, Females in Music UK and Women in Music are just two examples of these. They hold groups and promote females work on their Facebook Pages with some artists getting discovered by bigger agencies. Speaking about how you can get involved Daniëlle commented ” Girls can contact me with links and I`ll add their stuff onto our Facebook page and our twitter page. Also it’s possible to become a member of the Females in the Industry closed Facebook group, if they want to I can add them as editors on the FB page so they can post their stuff themselves!”


3. Promote Your Music

In the music industry promotion is Key, Hannah Smith from group Faber (Shown Below) comments ‘The best way to get noticed is to publish your music everywhere, band-pages, Facebook, hand out demos, the list goes on, try and get people to notice you and eventually you’ll get noticed.”

4. Get Involved 

A good tip for becoming a successful musician is to get-involved with other musicians, develop on your strengths and focus on your weaknesses in music. Women in Music said ”Joining a club is one thing, but getting involved and actually working with other musicians is more rewarding. Other people know things you don’t know, they hold strengths in other places and vice versa. If you you’re a musician and you have the opportunity to work with someone else then definitely do it, it will pay off in the long run.”


5. Put Yourself Out There

The main piece of advice is a conclusion of all the previous; put yourself out there. Speak to people, hand out your music, join a club and network, let people know what you’re about and what you can do. If no one is aware that you are there, then you won’t develop as a musician. Hannah Smith concludes ”I think its really just about putting yourself out there and committing time on getting noticed, it’s a long journey but it is worth it eventually.”

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