London Singer Releases Album To Fight Against Sexism In Music

London-based Singer Hannah Smith released an album earlier this month with the purpose of empowering women to get involved in the music industry.

The Album release was inspired after reports released in January revealed a huge gender gap in the industry.

Statistics from The USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism division exposed that women make up just 16.8% of music artists of the music world.

These findings along with many others are one of the main influences for Hannah Smith (who goes by the stage name ‘Faber’) in the release of her album ‘I am’.



Hannah comments ”My inspiration for the album would be to speak out as a female in the industry and life in general, the recent political change and data released highlighting a need for change for women in music inspired me to write.”

The album includes a mixture of singing and spoken word, her biggest song on the album is the spoken word track ‘I AM’. She comments ‘This song is all about encouragement and being real, it’s about the climb of feminism and that our vibe is only going to get stronger.”



Talking about being a woman in music Hannah concludes ”Sometimes I feel being a woman in the music business means I have to grind harder than men to get where I want to be. Its important to remember not to let anyone make you feel small or intimidate you. I’ve kept quiet too long and it makes a massive mark when you speak out, that’s been shown in this album.”

Women in Music also commented on a need for equality in the industry, they said ”Yes there have been changes in recent years but that doesn’t mean that females are close to being equal in the industry yet. There is a long way to go until we reach this and for the time being women need to stick together and support each other until this change is made.”

Hannah’s Album ‘I am’ is now available to download on Spotify.


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