‘YouTube Made Me Obsessed With Cars’

Connor Stickells 24, from Sittingbourne openly admits that Youtube started his costly obsession with car mechanics and car design.

Connor explains his obsession and how it begun ‘Cars have always been a passion of mine. From a young age I’ve been watching YouTube videos about cars. Watching YouTube videos about different cars and different types of cars made me obsessed with the car world. ‘


Connor Stickells

Connor has found a new passion and has studied hard over the years to understand cars and the technical issues behind them ‘There are many different types of cars for example a track car is a lot different from a stance car. YouTube has helped me fix my car and how to install modifications, I always enjoy watching videos from well known YouTube channel mightycarmods.’

In 2015 Connor decided to take out a loan to help him pay for some adjustments to his car which then lend to him spending over £20,000. ‘Since owning the car I’ve spent just over £25,000 on modifications, 7 different sets of wheels, 3 different exhaust systems, and even a colour change.’ However with his full time job he is finding owing the money back quite easy.

After travelling around England whit friends to attend car shows, Connor has decided to not just look at the cars but to display his own and start a merchandise to promote his cars.  ‘I’ve recently started my own car based brand selling merchandise e.g. t-shirts, hoodies, lanyard, etc. I’ve even started my own YouTube video to show the world how I built my car and to promote my brand Unique Automotive. As I am always driving to car shows and not displaying my car, it started getting a lot of attention so, I decided it was my turn to show off.’



Here’s more information about Connor’s YouTube Video :


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