A Wingham family fear their daughters have been spied on in their swimming pool

Wingham parents of three are worried their daughters were watched by a drone while playing in their swimming pool.

The electronic device, fitted with a camera, hovered over their garden on Preston Hill, where their daughters aged seven, nine and eleven were enjoying their new pool.

Nicky, 44 and Ross Pullan, 46 were having a barbecue with their three young girls on bank holiday Sunday.

The drone flew away after they made a rude hand gesture towards it.

Above: Nicky and Ross in their garden.

The Wingham parents are urging other families to “be aware” of suspicious drone usage in the area.

“My eldest daughter suffers from anxiety and so this is the last thing she needs” said the Dad of three.

The family noticed the drone when they heard a “buzzing sound” but they were disturbed by the fact it was floating above their private property rather than moving along.

“We don’t know if it took any pictures, and the main issue is not knowing who’s controlling it and what they’re doing with it” said the full time Mum.

Above: Facebook comments from local residents.

Mr Pullan posted in a local residents Facebook group to ask if anyone else had seen it.

He received comments which said that a drone is no different from somebody looking over the garden fence as they walk past.

Following the remarks from members of the Facebook page, Mr Pullan argued ‘paedophiles don’t wear t-shirts’.

UK drone use is governed by the Civilian Aviation Authority which outlines the Air Navigation Order 2016 (specifically article 94: small unmanned aircraft). But the couple said: “How can you monitor it, it’s too difficult – by the time you’ve reported it, it’s disappeared.”

While the drone hovered over the garden, it was in fact breaking the law by being under 50m away from their daughters.

“To the person who was flying the drone, have a bit of respect, learn the laws and stop invading our privacy.”

Above: A map to locate the road of the incident.

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