Increase of refugees expected in Kent

A former aid worker has claimed that the increasing tension in Syria could see more refugees seek safety in Kent.

200 out of 8000 refugees in the UK are living in Kent with the government pledging to house another 15,000 by 2020.

Rosemary Berry, from charity A Village In Syria claims that more people coming here is almost “inevitable” because of military tactics being used in the east of the country.

She said: “If you look at today’s news its about strengthening the fence between Turkey and Syria. They are anticipating a huge influx of refugees.

Rosemary Berry (Credit: A Village In Syria Facebook page)

“The whole of Syria is now affected as are the communities in Turkey and other countries.

“There is plenty of scope for helping.”

Rosemary has seen first hand the affect of the war. Her charity provides food, education and medicine for many who still live in Syria.

Having worked there as a cross border aid she spent time with Syrians trying to flee the war torn country.

Audio(Rosemary Berry claims Canterbury based refugees are helping A Village In Syria)


However, she believes that a majority of those still in the country are refusing to leave their home because of the conflict.

“While I was there I got to see many leave the country.

A Village In Syria receive updates on those still there. (Credit: A Village In Syria)


“Those who are left in small villages don’t want to leave their homeland.

“It is something we see all the time, especially with the older generation who have never crossed the border.”

If the fighting continues, those who have been reluctant to leave may be forced to flee to places in Kent.




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