Faversham to celebrate its 1st LGBTQ+ Pride

Faversham is celebrating its first Pride this summer thanks to West Faversham community centre.

The old market town is set to join other towns and cities across the UK with a Pride event on June 23.

From 1-4pm there will be an open celebration for all ages with a BBQ, face painting and live music.

(LEFT) David Wright thought of the idea and has the full support of the Mayor of Faversham Trevor Abram (RIGHT)

David Wright,24, had the idea after hearing of the success Canterbury Pride has had in previous years, he said “I wanted to do something that Faversham has never done. It’s about dragging Faversham kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

“Possibly in the past it wouldn’t have worked, but now everyone’s open enough to just come out and be who they are.

“This year we are seeing how it goes, by next year we hope to make it an all day event.”

For those who want to continue the celebration, an over 18s party will be held in the community centre free of charge with a bar that’ll help pay for the event with the money made, drag act and a DJ.

The event is being held at West Faversham Community Centre

Mayor of Faversham Trevor Abram, 74, said “we’re very happy, we’re all inclusive for all religions, sexual orientation and political views, we’re totally non bias. We’re looking forward to seeing where it goes”

The event has had a very positive reaction with large groups of people expected to turn up. This marks a real chance for all people of all ages to experience Pride in a safe environment in their local town.

1st of the town: If you’re interested look at the Facebook page.

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