Residents angered by potholes on Kent’s roads

Residents are angered by the amount of potholes that are causing damage around Canterbury.

Potholes are costing drivers a fortune in repairs, especially when the council won’t do anything about them.

Two local Canterbury residents – Leah Boakes and Emma Hover both from Canterbury,  both had incidents where they had to pay out a significant amount for something the council should repair.

A Sky report has said that there has been 4,200 claims for pothole damage so far this year compared with just over 3,500 estimated claims last year, the motoring organisation’s statistics found.

Leah Boakes, 22, said: “A pothole made my tyre blow out on the M2 causing me to crash my car, and having to buy a whole new car because of it. I still have nightmares about it today and didn’t sleep for days after the incident.”

Leah Boakes (left) Her damaged tyre that blew out on the M2 (right)


Kent county council recently had to pay out £500,000 to one person in Kent after they got seriously injured by a pothole. All in all the council have paid out nearly 2 million pounds to drivers who have been seriously injured or had damage to their car.

Emma Hover was shocked when she heard that the damage was going to cost £1,600: “The damage was a metre long pothole at the top of Cockering Road, Chartham. I was quoted £1,600 for two new Audi alloy wheels as mine were dented. I didn’t get it repaired because I can’t afford to. I waited 6 weeks for the council to confirm they wouldn’t pay out compensation!”

A survey conducted by the AA said that out of 25,208 drivers, 39% said their tyres, bodywork or other parts of their vehicles had been affected after hitting a pothole in the past two years.

Emma Hover (left) her damage tyre caused by pothole (right)

These aren’t the only residents who have had damage to their cars – a number of residents took to Facebook to share what pothole damage they had received.



Kent county council leader Paul Carter spoke to Kent Live in a recent article: “The Beast from the East had a huge impact on the state of the 5000 miles of roads that we are responsible for in Kent. “Towards the middle of June we will then reflect on how the work is going and I can assure you that, if more work is needed, we will find the additional budget required to fix the potholes.”








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