The Swalecliffe man who’s stripping off after TV show inspiration

The Full Monty is coming to a stage in Herne Bay to raise awareness for cancer.

Gary Russell, 46 was inspired in April when The Full Monty aired on ITV, involving a group of celebrities who got their kit off to raise awareness for prostate, testicular and breast cancer.

Above: Gary Russell. (Facebook)

Mr Russell took to a local residents Facebook page and pledging to do a local version, to which he had an “overwhelming response”.

Ballsy volunteers, some of which are battling cancer, have joined the team who will be performing in August, with the help of an ex UK dance champion as their choreographer.

Sally Powell, 50, is taking part in the ladies team after battling an aggressive high grade of breast cancer, leading her to have a mastectomy three years ago.

Sally had no symptoms but got an early invite (at the earliest age you will be invited – 47) to a screening where she was diagnosed.

Sally said: “The team quite literally saved me and I really want to give back to a debt I can never truly repay.”

Gary decided to take it upon himself to organise the event as he said “it’s close to home”, he wants to raise as much awareness and as much money as possible, 100% of which is being donated to the chemotherapy unit at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Herne Bay.

The money made from the tickets as well as the funds donated to the Paypal page will be given to support the communities welfare as well as the great charity work they do for the area.

Chemotherapy sister, Lucy Turner, 51 said her job is “a huge privilege, I meet so many wonderful people, I feel very humbled.” Lucy also highlighted the importance of women checking their breasts regularly.

After Gary’s idea was so well received by local residents, he said: “The location of the event holds 1100 people and we are hoping to sell out”. Tickets will be available nearer to the event. Keep your eye on the Facebook page for the latest updates.

Gary is taking part in the men’s performance where they will remove every item of clothing. He told The Hub: “I’m very nervous. I’m worrying about messing up my dance moves but I just want everyone to have a good time and raise lots of money.”

The Hub have posted everything you need to know about the event.

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