Kent care homes have had a surge of kids

A Kent care worker has raised concerns over how fast residential care homes are filling up in the area.

A large number of vulnerable children have been sent from the large cities into the small county of Kent in a bid to keep them away from negative home lives and gang culture.

A large number of young people have been placed in Kent

The number of children in care from Kent has risen from 1,695 in 2011 to 2,310 in 2016, while some of these are due to asylum seeking children or from the UASC.

By 2017-18 records show that there is an increase of children being placed in care with over 1,000 children being placed in Kent since the beginning of the year.

A care worker from Kent has said how this has put pressure on the job, saying “there has been a significant rise in children in care in the Kent area, this is partly due to the needs of safe guarding and personal circumstances.

“but the increasing numbers of young people becoming involved in gang culture and radicalisation in the big cities like London, we hope that taking them away from negative influences will keep the young people safe from harm.

“I feel eventually Kent will become over subscribed and there simply will not be enough residential care placements available to cope with the demand.”

Violent crime in Kent at it’s highest since October 2017 and the amount of people that have been found in possession of a weapon is at 113 in March.

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