5 ways to save money as a student when food shopping

Students love to save money, but when it comes to food shopping they always seem to be splashing out. To save your pennies and have more money for another drink in the pub, look at these tips below:

Write a list

Writing lists saves you so much hassle when it comes to doing your food shopping as you know exactly what you need and roughly how much you’re going to spend. It also means you avoid picking up unnecessary items and spending money that you don’t have. If you plan your meals throughout the week then you can stick to budget and write an easy to follow list, with clear ingredients and items that you need to buy.

Avoid ready meals

Ready meals are not only unhealthy but ridiculously overpriced. They are made for students so companies can cash out on their laziness. The same meals could be made for less than half the price of the packaged version. Just break down the ingredients needed to make it and you will find that microwaved meals are an unnecessary expense.


Buy Non branded items

Non-branded items a lot of the item are just as good as the branded ones. Try supermarket own brand baked beans and condiments to start and you’ll realise that most the time there is no difference in taste and even if there is, it is worth it to save your coins. Even small things such as teabags makes a big difference to your shopping total. Start off with small changes and you will slowly see gradual decrease in your food spending.


Batch cook

Batch cooking as a student is not only a massive time saver as you have plenty of your favourite meals made in advance for those days when you come in from lectures and you’re too tired to cook but they also reinforce you to be healthy. If you already have dinner made in the fridge, it will stop you from splurging on a takeaway that night. Furthermore, if you buy ingredients in bulk and cook them, the price over individual meals is considerably less.


Frozen food

Frozen food vs fresh food debate is always ongoing but frozen food can be a big saver for students. Students tend to forget to check the fridge to see if their fresh produce such as fruit, veg and meat has gone off and it’s so annoying going to cook something and finding that you can’t because it is out of date. By buying frozen, your food stays fresher longer and saves you from wastage which means you don’t have to keep buying food.