A Medway Labour leader has slammed council over £310k lettings agent fees

Medway council have paid £310,000 to lettings agents over the last five years.

The figure came as an FOI request revealed that from 2013 there’s been an increase of £96,575 in finder’s fees that’s 51 times the initial number.

Finders fees are the cost that the council has to pay to private sector lettings agents to secure a property for someone in need of housing.

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And now Medway’s Labour leader has expressed serious concern about these statistics.

Vince Maple, Leader of the Labour party, Medway has said: “We are in the middle of a housing crisis. A huge amount of money is being spent, this is money that could be spent on other issues.

“I’d rather see that money go towards building social housing.

“More and more private sector landlords are not doing the job they are supposed to be doing.”


Medway Labour Leader, Vince Maple – Photo of @Vincemaple Twitter

Lettings agent David Andrews was paid over a £100,000 of the £310,000 figure since 2013.

Pathways to Independence is a charity that was set up to support homeless people across Medway and Kent.

Donna Pearson, Executive Director, Pathways to independence said: “There is insufficient social housing to accommodate the increasing number of people who are facing homelessness.

Medway Council building Gun Wharf – Copyright David Anstiss

“It is up to every local authority to consider the need within their locality and implement a number of different measures to tackle homelessness from all angles.

“Inevitably including the use of private sector accommodation.”

Medway Council are still yet to comment on the situation.

We have approached David Andrews lettings who have declined to comment.