Explained: Who Is Cameron Sanderson?

With 111,506 subscribers and over 10 million views, Cameron Sanderson is taking over YouTube with his creative songs, clothing line and trendy style. Cameron Sanderson is a 20 years old YouTube sensation. He is only 20 years old  was born on July 5th 1997 in Enfield, North London.


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Cameron has a YouTube account where he films his day-to-day life for his subscribers, he also performs on his channel all his latest and original songs he has created with his friends and by himself.

He Joined January 25th, 2009 to upload silly videos of him and friends, little did he know he would attract such a huge fan base.

Cameron explained ‘I always watched YouTuber’s from a young age and loved creating videos, so it got to a point where I  realised I’d started uploading regularly just because me and my friends loved making videos.  So inspiration and just pure love of making videos made me join.’



Cameron adds ‘It’s brought me opportunities such as attending events like Playlist Live, meeting great people, making music with people, experience and education in film, cameras and especially ‘ All together now.’

Cameron has had so many opportunities, he was asked to be a judge on a very popular BBC show called ‘All together Now’ which is a brand-new entertainment show for BBC One, hosted by comedian Rob Beckett. It’s a singing competition with a twist. Each episode, a range of talented singers take to the stage, but waiting to judge each performance is ‘The 100’ – a unique panel of one hundred music experts and performers from across the UK.

Cameron being a YouTube creator is the reason why he is able to share his music around the world and share his passion. He wouldn’t have had these amazing opportunities if it wasn’t for YouTube.

Cameron says each day he is getting new subscribers and getting new opportunities focused around his passion. Cameron adds ‘Its given me the exposure I never could have had before, it’s brought me friends, lovely followers and just a lot of positive things. It’s helped me further my music career and let it all get off to a good start.’

He started his second channel which is now his main channel, to sing and create music videos simply for fun. He wanted to create a career as he was never passionate about anything other than music and entertaining people.

The music channel Cameron decided to create is what really gained people’s attention due to the technology skills he has to create music videos and his songs. Cameron has also uploaded his albums Emotiolence 2015, Painting the Picture 2015, Heads & Tales 2016, and Why Do Things Glow? 2018, onto Apple Play, Spotify so his fan able are able to listen to him where ever he goes.

Cameron Sanderson: Under the Weather [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

LISTEN to ‘Under the weather’ HERE: http://hyperurl.co/whydothingsglowEP Get the HOODIE worn in this video HERE: http://www.cameronsanderson.bigcartel.com/ © 2018 | Writing, Production, Mixing, Mastering, Recording, Instrumentation & Vocals by Cameron Sanderson.

Cameron openly shares his life with the world which can be very intimidating and nerve-racking.

YouTube gains new creators each day due to being such a popular brand. Millions of videos are shared to YouTube whether its to do with Sport, makeup,cars, fashion, jobs and even cooking.

Cameron says ‘I think YouTube is so  popular because it is giving power to the people, making people able to do what they’ve wanted to do all along, with work ethic and determination, it shows you that you can truly do anything if they are dedicated and creative.’

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If you LOVED the merchandise you say here is the link to buy : https://www.cameronsanderson.co.uk/ 

Cameron created a website for his music and his merchandise, which includes slogan Tee’s and posters advertising his meet ups and performances.

Vote up above to see a glimpse of his merchandise. YouTube has given Cameron so many opportunities and he is now a very popular successful YouTube creator at the age of 20 years old.

YouTube is great for showing off your talents, create a YouTube channel following these easy steps:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b38ef8n1p4U

Subscribe to Cameron Sanderson on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CrazyCamOnCamera