Cannabis campaigners search for Canterbury debate venue

Cannabis campaigners could be coming to Canterbury to debate the legalisation and decriminalisation of the drug.

Currently the drug is categorised as a class B and possession can get you an unlimited fine and up to five years in prison.

The campaign group: We The Undersigned Have A Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis, often shortened to We The Undersigned or WTU, have gained more than 2,000 followers on Facebook in just eight weeks.

The group are looking for spaces to hold a debate in Canterbury to discuss their eventual aim, which is to achieve the same laws in the UK that govern tobacco and alcohol.

There are over 200 members of the WTU from the Kent area, 46 of which are from Canterbury. Members have even attempted to get the Archbishop of Canterbury on board.

Phil Monk, WTU Campaign founder

Founder of the group, Phil Monk, has said: “WTU is hoping to deliver nationwide community cannabis awareness events, to share information with the public and to gain their support for reform.

“These events are happening where WTU members volunteer to organise venues and events. WTU have our first event coming up in Stockport which may hold 150 people and will hopefully be the first of many such events.

“Should a venue arise in Kent/Canterbury, we would be most happy to host a discussion/debate of this hot topic.”

WTU logo

One of the local members Byron Huggins, has said: “I have been personally approaching businesses and individuals and am currently trying to find a Canterbury based venue for a debate. The majority of people I have spoken to are really open to cannabis and its potential and those that are not, are starting to change their mind.”

Members of the group, including Byron, use cannabis to combat medical issues that over the counter and prescription medication has not been able to fix.

Recently high street shops have started selling CBD oil, which is made up of cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant.

CBD oil has been categorised as not harmful to human health and is therefor legal and can be used as a food supplement.

The WTU have several debates booked across the country, the next one being in Brinnington near Stockport in Manchester on May 27.


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