Canterbury Cathedral’s coffee kiosk joins the war on waste plastic

Canterbury Cathedral kiosk are now selling bamboo eco coffee travel mugs with a promotion of free refillable drinks.

The promotion is for unlimited refillable coffee all day if you own the kiosks eco travel cup, and providing you pay for the first initial drink each day.


Kiosk staff member holding the new eco cup


Lisa Emanuel, Press Officer, Canterbury Cathedral Said: “We are doing this because of the battle on single use waste, we are trying to reduce the amount coffee cups being thrown away”

The Kiosk believes in supporting local food producers as their products are mostly locally sourced.

With vendors such as The Beardy Baker and Canteen who are Canterbury based and Kent crisps suppliers from Ramsgate.

Local sourced crisps sold by the cathedrals kiosk

According to the company DS Smith a staggering 2.5 Billion cups are discarded per year.

Wrapped an independent gift shop in Canterbury, have already been selling Eco coffee cups prior to the kiosk and they are in support of the idea.

Wrapped store front

A female employee, Wrapped said: “I think it’s a really good idea because its helping to sustain the environment and cutting down on plastics.

“We don’t need to use plastic as much especially when these alternatives are sustainable and they help the environment and save people money as well.”

Wrapped’s Eco coffee sign & the cups on sale

A press statement released by Ms Emanuel said: “The Cathedral View kiosk is currently taking steps to reduce any negative impact on the environment and to improve its ecological credentials.

“The outdoor kiosk is trying to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by offering a 50p discount on takeaway hot drinks when a visitor brings their own eco mug, free tap water bottle refills and with the purchase of the Cathedral eco travel mug, free refills as long as you purchase the first hot drink each day.”

Canterbury Cathedral kiosk’s new eco coffee cup

The mug is on sale priced at £6.99. The seasonal kiosk will be open daily until mid-September.