Canterbury Council elect new Lord Mayor

Colin Spooner was elected as the new Lord Mayor at the Canterbury council meeting last night.

The former policeman has been the city’s Sheriff, under Councillor Rosemary Doyle for the past year.

Conservative Cllr Spooner will now serve the district as Lord Mayor until 2019.

Colin received the only two nominations of the evening, which were from Cllr Steven Williams and Cllr Stephen Bartley.

The councillors all voted in favour of Colin Spooner to become Lord Mayor.

The new Lord Mayor was very pleased to take the position.

He said last night: “Having been elected to Lord Mayor for the City of Canterbury I declare that I will take the office upon myself and will duly and faithfully fulfil the duties of it to the best of my judgement and ability.

“In my past year as Sheriff I have had such a truly pleasurable time, it is a great honour to be part of the civic team in our wonderful City of Canterbury and the past 12 months with the past Lord Mayor has been a great experience.

“And for that, my thanks go to Councillor Rosemary Doyle, it’s been great.”

New Lord Mayor Colin Spooner. Picture: Nactsew

Cllr Steven Williams spoke about why the father of three deserves the top spot during his nomination.

He said: “Colin is a man of the community and he is also a man that very much takes pride in his family, his wife and his three children.

“I asked Colin why he wanted to be Lord Mayor and he said Steven it’s very simple, I just want to serve my community and I just want to do Canterbury proud.”

Listen below to hear Cllr Williams full nomination speech:

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Cllr Stephen Bartley said: “Councillor Spooner is still the same cheerful bloke we all met three years ago.

“He’s still the same enthusiastic advocate for the district and its residents and he’s still the same ideal candidate for the job.

“As Sheriffs go Cllr Spooner has proved to be a natural.”

Cllr Jeanette Stockley was also elected as the new Sheriff of Canterbury, for the next 12 months.