Canterbury Council introduce water bottle refill scheme to reduce plastic waste

People can now refill their water bottles for free at venues around Canterbury thanks to a new council scheme.

Canterbury City Council have teamed up with Refill, a nation-wide campaign that aims to introduce water bottle refill points on every UK street.

The initiative is part of the council’s efforts to reduce single use plastic waste in the city, proposed by Barton Councillor Louise Jones.

She said: “It’s just about educating people to take refillable bottles out with them, so they’re not buying plastic water bottles and it’s about educating businesses that filling somebody’s bottle for them is negligible.

Refill aim to introduce water bottle refill points all over the country. (Image courtesy of Refill)

“It works out averagely that you can get 30 refills of a normal sized bottle from one flush of the toilet. So, it’s a phenomenal scheme when you put it into perspective.

Cllr Jones also emphasised the impact the scheme could have on future generations.

“It’s about filtering it through to the next generation. So it’s about people having children and those children not expecting to go out and buy a bottle of water. Just taking a bottle of tap water out with them and refilling it as and when they need.”

Canterbury venues can display a Refill sticker in their window to alert passers by that they are welcome to refill their bottle inside.

Thirsty folks can currently top up at The Marlowe, The Beaney, Whitefriars, the King’s Hall, the Whitstable Harbour office and community centres.

You can fill your bottle for free at The Marlowe, Canterbury.

Andrew Milne, Front of House Manager at The Marlowe said: “This is something that the theatre has wanted to be involved in to reduce single use plastic use across the city within the next couple of years.

“The Marlowe certainly wants to be part of that and for it to be at the forefront of what we do.

“The theatre does use a lot [of single use plastic] and we are trying to be one of the places that can set an example and help other businesses in the area be able to lead it as well”.

Watch below: How to refill your water bottle for free at The Marlowe…

How to fill your bottle for free at The Marlowe

Uploaded by The Canterbury Hub on 2018-05-17.

Refill points can be located using the free Refill rewards app, available for download here.

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