Canterbury football club call for backing from city council

Canterbury City Football Club have called for the council to back them on a deal, similar to Medway Council’s.

This comes after the controversial decision that Medway Council are set to sponsor Gillingham F.C from the start of the 2018/19 season.

Canterbury Football Club’s secretary says that an identical deal will help the football team secure their own ground.

Martyn Sexton explains why he feels the team needs backing from the council.

Secretary Martyn Sexton. Credit: Canterbury Football Club

He said: “We would like sponsorship from the council.

“We are trying hard to secure a ground for the team because we are currently sharing with Deal Town F.C.

“There is development currently taking place and we hoping of getting backed by the council because we are trying to get the application approved to have our own ground.

“It doesn’t matter whether Labour or Conservative are the leaders.

“Either way, the team could still do with sponsorship.”


Council Leader Simon Cook. Credit: Twitter: @cooksimon

Despite the reach, Canterbury City Council are only willing to make an agreement if the proposals are right.

Simon Cook, Council Leader of Canterbury explains why he will only consider a deal if it has a great cause.

He said: ” It all comes down to what kind of deal the football club are proposing.

“We would be willing to help but it all comes down to what kind of deal the football team are looking for.

‘If they proposed they wanted one million pounds then we might say no and we understand that Canterbury Football Club are currently looking for their own ground, but a decision can only be made if the deal is right.”


The taxpayers alliance have criticised the move as they describe the sponsorship as “inappropriate.”

James Price, Campaign Manager at Taxpayers alliance said: ” With council tax going up seemingly endlessly, it is inappropriate for a council to be spending time and resources on distractions like sponsoring football teams.

“It is encouraging that it doesn’t seem to be direct taxpayer funding for this sponsorship deal, but is still a distraction.

“Taxpayers would much rather councils focus on social care and bin collections than these stories.”

While Medway Council insist that taxpayers won’t be affected, Canterbury’s council leader believes the structure for sponsorship has to be done correctly.