Canterbury Mosque inviting you to celebrate breaking of the fast

Canterbury Mosque is inviting residents to join them for a Iftaar gathering to celebrate the breaking of the fast (Iftarr).

The meal which will take place on May 25 at 8.30pm in the evening at the Canterbury Mosque in Giles Lane, is an important part of the month of Ramadan.


The mosque is inviting residents to celebrate with them in the hope that it allows residents to experience part of Ramadan and also provides residents with an opportunity to learn more about their Muslim community.


We spoke to Ihsan Khan who is the Imam at the mosque and asked him what the residents can expect from the evening, he said:

“We hope the residents love the food and leave the night feeling as though they’ve learnt something new and made a new friend.


There will be a variety of cultural dishes served on the eveningĀ  which will be made by various chefs.

Cultural dishes


Why is Ramadan important to the Muslim community?

We also asked Ihsan Khan why the month of Ramadan was so important to the Muslim community, he told us:

“Ramadan is a holy month prescribed for Muslims in which they are instructed to fast. Fasting in Islam means abstinence. Abstaining from food, water, sexual desires and foul language from. Food and water should be stopped between sunrise to sunset.”