Grand opening celebrations for expanding Canterbury’s Veg Box Cafe

This Friday marks the day of Grand Opening Supper Club, an event solely for people who donated £100 or more to The Veg Box Cafe‘s recent crowd-funder.

A clear view of the cafe's expansion
Above: The Veg Box Cafe expansion.

Within just four days, the cafe managed to knock the wall down between their existing cafe and the building next door. The team has also invited everyone who worked on their expansion to attend this event, including the builders and staff to say thank you for their hard work.

The Veg Box Cafe breakfast bowl
Above: A selection of the food available.


They have successfully managed to expand their cafe, significantly increasing customer figures. This has also resulted in the need to close their second business, Fermental, a stall held at The Goods Shed.

Founder of The Veg Box Cafe, Elizabeth Child said: “We have reluctantly decided to close Fermental so that we can put all of our energy into The Veg Box Cafe, as we have just invested a huge amount of time, money and energy into the expansion. The pressure is on to make it work.”

Elizabeth first opened The Veg Box Cafe in 2008, when she had just finished University studying Fine Art and was waitressing at The Good Food Cafe, above Wholefoods at the time. A couple of years ago they had to move the business over to Burgate and due to having no space for a dishwasher they had to go 100% disposable.

Ever since the expansion, they have introduced crockery and metal cutlery for customers wanting to eat in. This is one aspect of their business that they were unable to do prior to the expansion due to having less space.

Elizabeth said: “It’s early days but since we expanded a few weeks ago, customer figures seem to have made another big jump. We are nearly twice as busy again now.”


The Veg Box Cafe

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