Charity provides Christmas dinner for the homeless this holiday

Kent’s leading homeless charity, Porchlight, are providing their residents with a special Christmas dinner this December, perhaps one of their first Christmas meals they have had in years.

The meals will be prepared by the residents of Porchlight themselves during a cookery session held by the charity.

The sessions are run by one of the charities staff members David, who was previously in a similar situation to many of its residents, so is understanding of what needs to be done to help.

“Cooking can be a powerful therapeutic tool. When someone is cooking, they have to be present in that moment and it’s a great way of bringing people together.”

Porch light residents helping with the Christmas meal

Not only is Porchlight providing Christmas dinners and shelter this holiday, but residents will also receive extra help with the psychological effects that homelessness has had on them, to push them in the right direction to getting their lives back on track.

Porchlight are taking donations in order to help anyone else that may be homeless this Christmas, to keep them off the street and work towards giving the charity residents the support they need for a better future.

Chris Thomas is also a staff member at Porchlight and has stated that every penny donated will go towards helping residents feel happier and safer, and he is evidently quite proud of what has been achieved.

“It’s a good feeling knowing that people’s lives are being improved. Of course, it’s important that the difference isn’t just for Christmas… we must continue working hard all year round to give vulnerable people a brighter future.”

Residents enjoying their Christmas dinner

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