Chat rubbish with the man who made the billboard out of plastic

This is a billboard like no other, it is filled with everyday hold house plastic waste.  

Everyday plastic is a project set up by Daniel Webb, to raise awareness about plastic pollution and encourage action to prevent it.

Over the course of May 13th – May 21st, Everyday Plastic will be taking over the Mural-by-the Sea billboard at Dreamland in Margate, to answer questions, debate issues and discuss solutions.

Project starter; Daniel Webb

At the beginning of 2017, Daniel decided to save every piece of plastic he was going to use over the course of the year.

The collection consists of 22 bin bags full of plastic, approximately 4,500 items to be exact – including used milk bottles, crisp packets, bottle tops, etc. In which 93% is single-use throwaway packaging, with only 4% of it being recycled in the UK.

The billboard is 13 metres wide and 4 metres tall. With such a high volume of plastic, it took 20 volunteers to help sort through the contents.


Daniel Webb

Daniel says:  “I want to show and share with people what a year’s worth of your plastic waste looks like. It is this simple ambition that forms the concept of this project centred around our individual contribution to plastic pollution”

“This project will candidly convey the realities of our plastic production and consumption and its consequences”.

The event is free, however, Dreamland now have a £5 entry fee which can be redeemed against the daily food and drink offer or go on a ride of your choice.

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Everyday Plastic – Mural-by-the-Sea commission at Dreamland, Margate – Spring 2018

The making of the Everyday Plastic billboard at Dreamland, Margate