Dads house charity joins Deal radio

The charity ‘Dad’s House’, is set to have their own show on Deal Radio to help support single fathers in Kent.

Dad House was founded in London, 2008, to help dads in small communities get help with the practical sides of parenting, to provide them with a unit of support.

Luke Shaw, Deal, started a local support group in Deal and Dover, after getting in contact with William McGranaghan the original founder of Dads House.

Dads House have come together with Deal Radio and have created a show that will be aired every Thursday morning, at 10am till 11am. The aim of the show is to help support and chat with dads so that they can have their say and share their stories to the public.

Luke Shaw said:

“I became a single father of two in early 2010, I struggled to adapt, so after volunteering with both Home Start and Sure Start, I realised that the system was set up for mums more then Dads, so I started looking to change that.

“After six months of chatting with William McGranaghan, we both agreed that Dads House has the ability to become the best UK Charity of its kind.

“I started small in 2014, and I would say within four months I was active seven days a week. I help dads wanting help to see their children, dads raising their children alone but feeling isolated and I also use my support network of selected organisations that can help them.

“We stay involved with each father long term, even if it’s a quick chat now and then, right down to putting on courses for the dads, from 1st Aid Courses to cooking courses.

“I wanted to go and speak with Deal Radio about the work I do, and I ended up planning my own show. My idea for the show, is a chat and support based show, I’m hoping to get interviews with people like caffcass and encourage dads and mums to ring in to have their say.

“It will be a place to help support the community and we are already planning an evening show called Dads House Extra, so that we can cover topics that will raise the tempo.”

Dads House drop in centre is located in Deal at the Landmark Centre, or at Dover inside the Charlton Shopping Centre.